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Reasons why Social Media Marketing is needed for Business

Reasons why Social Media Marketing is needed for Business

Social media marketing provides a higher lead than any other outbound marketing. The business to business marketing make use of social media in either form. It does not matter what you sell or how you sell, social media marketing tool will help you in growing your brand and wallet.

In this era of social media, if you are not active on social media and think that what the social media will do for my business then you need to know some of the most important reason why you need it:

Importance of Social Media for Web Traffic

  1. Drive targeted traffic to social media posts: Creating a new page is like creating great selfie. You want it to be seen by whole world but cannot beg for the attention. This is why the selfies and landing page well placed can make all the difference. A link shared on Reddit drives you with thousands of visitors and StumbleUpon may not provide you with handful of visitors.
  2. Social media boots your business site SEO: Search engines consistently looks for the sites which earns the traffic or which have be forgotten and which are ignored. Content is the most important strategy for SEO and lead to earn you top rank and drive traffic and helps to optimize pages and let you have faster search engine result pages (SERPs).

Quick case studies helps you to earn your website rank in top 100 SERP for 15000 new keywords which increases drastically.

  1. Social media is the best tool for building real relationship: Twitter and Instagram is very helpful for interaction and helps to enhance customer base. With regular tweets and status updates helps to adjust the marketing strategies. You need to research upon buying products and why, posts which customers will love to share and from which website. To connect with the complementary, non-competing business you can use social media as your tool. The leaders and the journalists who will cover your industries may share your posts which will lead a better promotion of your posts.
  2. Users can get accessible to your messages: People see Twitter and Facebook or others as social networks but not as a marketing machines. People more likely to hear from you then see your posts which may provide a feeling of advertisement to them. This may lead to serious web traffic when you link to your site or posts which can market themselves as a friend and followers to whom you share.
  3. Social media ads provide targeting and re-targeting: Social media ads are highly customizable in natures this is the reason why social media is important. Many of the social media platform allows you target users according to education, location, industry, purchase history etc. You can use this option to Facebook page to your site and use it for retargeting users who visit your site.
  4. Social media helps you get recognition and generates media coverage: If your business is organizing any event or sponsoring any trade show or something like that then it is better to generate its presence with the help of social media.
  5. Importance of social media marketing for creating your brand image: If there is any problem with product or services you must get a feedback from your social media marketing. As soon as you know the issue and as soon as it happens resolve them. Consumers appreciates companies who responds to customer complain and don’t hesitate to throughout those who are not interested.
  6. Strong social media presence leads to brand loyalty: The brands with active social media profiles have more loyal customers. If you are engaging and interacting on social media with the hope that anyone will stumble upon.
  7. As your competitors get social so should also: There are more that 91% of brans who make use of social media platform so that you never lag behind in the competition and becomes much harder to catch up and to get on early game. If you are active and engage on variety of networks then you can able to gain the friends and followers first than your competitors.
  8. Social media is a like a playing field: Some brands have bigger budget than others when it comes to social media marketing. They provide value to the target audience and even show that their personality is entertaining. If you want to enhance your traffic and increase your online sales then you have to be best than your competitors while offering a superior quality of products and services.

Social media is very important for the business as it not only helps your brand to be online but also represent on all the social channels where you can regularly interact with your followers, journalists. You can celebrate your product launch with sharing pop-culture polls for the followers for all the activities to build brand awareness, generate loyal customers and to boost web traffic. Apart from traditional marketing tactics these provides you with the same goals and tasks which are fun for driving real value for the company.




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