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Online Marketing Research platform

Online Marketing Research platform

Many of the times the decision makers require market researches and analytics to make online panels and systems registered. If you have precise and consistence data then the validity and analytics becomes valuable.

Socialyk have now started building their capabilities with the use of Internet research. Socialyk provides you with such a platform that provides you with all type of data related to marketing research which can help you have better way to target your audiences. It provides you with the researches that are totally secured, technologically advanced and is integrated logically in the platform.

Consultancy with Analytics

A link between online research and advanced analytics is catered by the Decision analysts. Socialyk is such an online research platform which efficiently performs marketing segmentation surveys accurately and efficiently. Apart from this it provides you with all the controls for execution allows you design reports which consists of all the data which is generated after the survey.

World best online research panel

Socialyk hs been designed after a lot of researched and survey over the Internet as a result the research system it provides is one of the best online research platform worldwide.

Database of audiences

Socialyk is designed and programmed in such a way that it provides survey links and information which can be used by the market researchers for targeting audiences. Apart from these you can get surveys of number of customers who are loyal to a particular brand, product or program. The platform even supports social media invitation thus this will help you have a list of people who are online. You can even have a customized survey of your targeted audiences so this can help you have better analysis of your targeted customers.

The surveys which Socialyk generates are based on the geography, gender, ethnicity, income etc. and provides you with random selection of this classification.

Socialyk provides you with many other extraordinary capabilities which includes analysis reports, collection of data and result of the surveys conducted.

Socialyk provides you with high standard market research and demands for other data collection procedures which includes probability, project control, advanced questioning programing analysis. A survey is beneficial when it is designed and executed with high quality and with reliable data and Socialyk provides you with that.

Socialyk is platform which helps you in development of user engagement and exhibits online research technologies. These online research technologies are based on advanced analytics, optimization. Thus this makes Socialyk a great portal for investment, technology and analytics for online research.


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