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Best market segmentation platform

Best market segmentation platform

Market segmentation helps in identifying the targeted audiences most and make them purchase their products and services which are been offered.

Customers are grouped on variety of techniques. Traditionally market segmentation is been identified using some of characteristics such as demographics, behavioral activities, technical knowledge, psychographics which are benefited from products, usage rates and geographic area.

The main purpose of the market segmentation is to classify the group of customers on the basis of product usage rates and purchasing the products or services in future. However it does not guarantee the information into meaningful business sense. Effective segmentation is required by the market.

Market segment requirements


We need to make use of identifying segmentation variable which is based on products purchase and development of profile which is generated using the combination of variables of market segment.


In order to identify the market segments and need to utilize it in efficient and cost effective manner. You can even know whether they belong to any specific newsgroups, chat groups or subscribe to online publications. For this they need to subscribe to one or more computer magazines or purchase from specific catalog.


Market segment provides you with the ability to purchase. For example all the college seniors thinks of buying a sports car but everyone does not have the ability to buy it.


Market segment provides you with distinct response when it gets exposed to market offerings.  Which method of market segmentation is most effective? This totally depends on specific product or services. The advertisement or web pages contents relies heavily on the benefits of the segmentation.

Product Attributes

Many of the market segment focuses on tangible and intangible meanings which gets attached to the product of services which provides information related to past, potential, current or purchase of product.

Market Segmentation depends on a variety of concepts such as demographics which is based on the basis of market studies. On the basis of the studies you can ask your customers some questions on the basis of market segmentation.

The most important key that helps to maximize the effectiveness of the survey is research and measurement of establishment and maintenance of comparable response scales. The useful benefit of linking current studies with the previous research with primary and secondary sources. For example in United States all the researches are matched via demographic scales with Census of populations. The application must require standards which is industry and company based. The comparability between the data sources includes result of studies which makes it easier when the measured on the same scales.

Socialyk is the best market segmentation platform which provides you with project consultation which can work closely on staff in order to determine the best way for development of research tools which can be customized on the basis of applications.




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