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10 Laws for Social Media Marketing

laws of social media marketing

Use the power of content and social media marketing for evaluating audience and customer’s base in an intense way. But without any previous experience or insight it can be challenging task. It is necessary to understand the fundamentals of social media marketing. In order to maximize the quality you need to increase the online entry points, with these 10 laws it will help you to build the foundation which helps to serve the customers, your brand, most importantly the bottom line.

  1. Law of listening: The success of social media and content marketing needs more listening and less talking. You need to know about your target audience’s online content and need to join the discussion and need to know what is important for them. By this only you can create content and inspiring conversations which adds value than confusing the lives.
  2. Laws of focus: It is better that you get specialized in writing contents. A highly focused social media and content marketing strategy builds a strong brand and contains a better chance for success and broad strategy that attempts for all people.
  3. Law of Quality: Quality always wins over quantity. It is better to have 1,000 online connection who reads, shares and talks about your contents but what if you own 10,000 connection who get disappeared after getting connected with you for the first time.
  4. Law of patience: Content marketing and social media does not get success overnight. It is not possible to can catch lightening in a bottle, just like that you cannot commit to pull the result in your favor.
  5. Law of compounding: By publishing quality contents you can build your online audience quality followers, who can share your contents with their audiences on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter or on their own blogs or more.

This sharing and discussion over your contents opens a new entry point for the search engines such as Google for searching keywords. These entry points helps in growing thousands ways to find potential peoples online.

  1. Law of Influence: You need to spend time in finding online influencers in market who contains quality of audiences and who are interested in your products, business and services. You need to connect with people and work in order to build relationship with them.

By posting authoritative, interesting source for useful information you will get into your peoples radar and they will share your contents among their followers and even put your business with the huge new audience.

  1. Law of values: Promoting directly your products and services on social web can stop people from listening to you. You can add value to your conversation. You need to focus less on conversation and more on creating amazing contents and developing relationship among the online influencers. It acts as a powerful catalysts for marketing for the business as word-of-mouth.
  2. Laws for acknowledgement: You should not ignore a person who reaches you online. The most important part of social media marketing success is building up relationship, so you need to acknowledge every person who reaches you.
  3. Law of accessibility: You should not get disappear after publishing up the content. You must always be available for your audience. This means that you consistently needs to publish the contents and participate on conversations. Your online followers will always change and will not hesitate from replacing you if you get disappeared for weeks or months.
  4. Law of reciprocity: You cannot except from others to share your contents or even talk about it, if you don’t do same thing for them. Thus you also need to send some time on social media for sharing and talking about the contents which are published by others.



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